July 07, 2009


Phunk Junkeezのソウルマンからマイケル・ジャクソンR.I.P. ミックスが送られてきました


Here is a link to my tribute to the King of Pop - Michael Jackson.
Many times in my life, his music was there for me to dance,
sing and take me away to another place where life's BS couldn't get in!!!

If you have ever seen me perform at a show, seen me dance,
mix records or whatever, just know Michael Jackson was the biggest artistic influence
in my life. PERIOD hands down.

I have a limited edition HISTORY LP that my friend Steve Adelman gave me.
I will always cherish that gift. # 257 of 2500 copies printed.
I also have a Michael Jackson Mr. Microphone.....In the original Box:)

Say what you will, but everyone has an MJ memory. It's an amazing life,
and career he led. And he will be missed very much.....

I can't wait for Neverland to open to the public....I will climb the tree,
pet the monkey, lay in the hyperbarric chamber....ride the train, all of it!!!

Just wanted to make a mix for myself to enjoy,
and I had a blast jammin' to the tunes....please enjoy!!!
I wish you all the best!!! have a great day....

download the MJ RIP mix from the link below


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