November 26, 2009



VESTAL "ZEPPELIN" Sabbath ¥45,000- (withoutTAX)

VESTAL "ZEPPELIN" P.Silver x Purple ¥42,000- (withoutTAX)

VESTAL "ZEPPELIN" Silver x Black/Blue ¥42,000- (withoutTAX)

VESTAL "METAL MONTECALRO" P.Gold x Black/Gold ¥36,000- (withoutTAX)

VESTAL "METAL MONTECALRO" P.Black x Black/Gold ¥36,000- (withoutTAX)

VESTAL "METAL MONTECALRO" P.Silver x Silver ¥33,000- (withoutTAX)

VESTAL "DESTROYER" P.Gold x Wood ¥29,000- (withoutTAX)

VESTAL "DESTROYER" B.Gun x Black ¥29,000- (withoutTAX)

VESTAL "GEARHEAD" Gun x Black ¥23,000- (withoutTAX)

VESTAL "GEARHEAD" P.Black x Gold ¥23,000- (withoutTAX)

VESTAL "GEARHEAD" Gun x Black/Purple ¥23,000- (withoutTAX)

VESTAL "GEARHEAD" Black x Gun ¥23,000- (withoutTAX)

VESTAL "ELITE" Gun(swiss) x Gun ¥29,000- (withoutTAX)

VESTAL "ELITE" P.Black x Yellow Crystal ¥29,000- (withoutTAX)

VESTAL "ELITE" P.Silver x Purple ¥25,000- (withoutTAX)

VESTAL "ELITE" Brown(swiss) x Brown ¥29,000- (withoutTAX)




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